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i found a bug

By Lifewill#3077 October 09, 2018, 17:14:19
jorris is untargetable on the top picture,but my minion is not in the second

i don't have a picture to prove it but i assure you that the game does not think that jorris is untargetable because i can target him with spells that deal damage

i met this bug today
i am using windows 10
and the game version is
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First, sorry for my grammar (i'm not english speaker/writter).
In the first image

Joris effect makes other minions untargeteable, not himself. You can target him with any spell. In your image obviusly you can't use subversion because the card only works in minions in your side of battlefield.

In your second image, you can use subversion because the minion named Lebolas is placed in your side of battlefield (Cra Ghost is untargeteable for his card effect).

I think that probably you're mistaken subversion or Joris card effect and fulling the flaw logic situation with the other card (i had a problem with other card months ago because i missread the card too). 
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oh you are right,i was wrong.i hope someone will close the comments in this forum
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