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lag can give an unfair advantage

By Lifewill#3077 September 28, 2018, 11:12:12

game version
systerm windows 10

today i played enutrof against a cra and i had a lot's of lag,i summoned a bandind with 2 health right on a loot,the bandid did not appear right away on the field but the loot appeared on my hand faster,the loot was that card that allows you to draw a card,i don't remember it's name.
i played that spell card and the bandid still didn't came to the field,i was sick of waiting so i ended my turn,my opponent played a spell that deals 2 damage to my minions and repels them,her spell destroyed many of my minions and right after the effect was over my bandid appeared and was not killed by the spell's effect.

also do you happen to know why i get lag so fequently lately?i didn't have this much lag in other months.
maybe you should shut down your servers for maintenance.

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