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Anathar bug

By ShivJ#6322 July 30, 2018, 01:04:37

Today while playing a Draft mode match I encountered a bug with Anathar.
My opponent played Anathar and I started feeding him low hp mobs that would peck at his armor.
The same turn that Anathar died he also kills my lvl1 Indie infinite, even though they both died instantly, my opponent somehow was awarded my Indie's death effect. So my opponent looted the last infinite card that went to MY discard pile not even his own.
I believe there is at least one issue with the way this played out.
Please test to verify this action sequence.

Thank you

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Man, this is why I wish there were set rules determining the order in which certain abilities activate. I mean, his ability is basically a counterattack ability. But sometimes they activate before death, other times death happens before the ability can activate. 

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