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Bug on the mad doll

By Nonatodb#3313 May 29, 2018, 01:22:20
Hello, im have the card Amalia**, and he has one aparicion who is "summon a Mad Doll" , and the efect of the Mad Doll summoner by the Amalia is reduce in 1 the first ally card played , but, in the turn after im play the Amalia**, the efect of Mad Doll disapear, so im think it's a bug becase the efect of Mad Doll is not one appeareance.
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i do not understand what you say.
did you finish your turn and in the next turn the effect dissapeared or the effect dissapeared in this turn?
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He finished his turn then the effect disappeared.

I don't think it's a bug.
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First, sorry for my English.
Second, same here, im playing Sram when the bug ocurred, and the card text don't say ''in this turn'', then the effect shouldn't have disappeared . I had other bug probably because madoll, i summoned Amalia ** and used the madoll effect. The next enemy turn Amalia and the madoll died. After, in my next turn, i played Second Wind and cannot see the cards that i retrieved from discard (my hand had 8 cards and i lost a card for overdraw after ). Probably because the madoll in the discard pile. I don't know if the madoll goes to discard pile when die because i used Second Wind.
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