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Boowolves and Beldogass

By Qriev#4374 April 06, 2018, 12:04:46

When a boowolf attacks and kills Beldogass, their transformation still triggers. I hope this is a bug, and that you're going to fix this.

Counter-attack effects should OF COURSE trigger before "final blow" effects.

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Scarafly AR bonus also triggers after battle (if he dies) I think that the silencing is applied only in the end of the damage step (or something like that, lol).

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Yeah, had it happen to me as well.

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Ive playd quite a bit of Enutrof, and in my experience Belgodas counterattack ability is ALWAYS the last thing to trigger in these scenarios. It was not always this way though, it used to be that Belgodas could trade with all Scaras and silence minions before they killed him as the minions were silenced before the blows were traded, which made him a force to be reconed with.
So Im not sure its a bug so much as its just how that works now as a balancing attempt by the devs.

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There's not really a reason final blow and counterattack should be the way you described. Yes, it's an unusual interaction of effects, and yes maybe it's the first time you've experienced it; this doesn't mean it's a bug, or something worth changing.

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It just limits the use he has severely. Instead of being a card you can use to actually silence things, it's mostly just a 1AP cost card that you throw out early game, which is a shame.

Logically you would think that a counter-attack would trigger before a death, but whatever. It's even worse that if the enemy has a "On kill" effect, it triggers before the counterattack (@Boowolves)...

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