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the monsters don't attack when something is summoned infront of them.

By Lifewill#3077 March 27, 2018, 14:46:16

game version
windows 10
i have encountered this pottential bug multiple times such as yesterday.
i am not entirely sure if this exploit is a bug or it was intentionally made.
the bug goes like this:i end my turn,my minions move and attack whoever is infront of them.if one of minions destroys the opponent minion and the path is clear then it keeps moving(unless if it has already moved as much as it should and there are no more steps for it to make,then it stays there).nothing wrong here.
the problem is if my minions destroy an enemy minion and the destroyed minion has the ability to summon an other minion when it dies.
in that case my minions will not attack again and keep moving.

imagine that my opponent plays a whispered crackrock between his dofus and my Do,and my do has full health.
i end my turn,she destroys the enemy whispered crackrock,a standard-bearing whisperer is summoned infront of my Do.
what i am expecting to happen is my Do to destroy it and then destroy the enemy dofus,but instead she does absolutely nothing even though she didn't do 3 steps in this turn.

I don't know if this exploit is intentional or not,but it does brake the game.there were times that i won or lost thanks to this exploit.
also it does not matter wich minion is attacking and wich minion is destroyed.the bug is probably in the progam that makes the minions attack.

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Yes, I can confirm, this is how they're supposed to behave in this particular situation. 

See message in context
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This is not a bug. Those minions are meant to be used defensively.

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Yes, I can confirm, this is how they're supposed to behave in this particular situation. 

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this is not a bug?
this game mechanic looks like a cheap tactic.but whatever.

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