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Bug - Anathar's mechanic

By TeamVith March 07, 2018, 20:01:04


I think I experienced a bug today with the card Anathar.
His text reads, he takes control over his opponent when he gets attacked.
One of my minions attacked him and then got controlled by my opponent, nothing special there.
But when I played a new minion on a cell diagonally to Anathar, it instantly got also controlled by my opponent.
I don't think that is how he is supposed to work, it seems like he had a "mindcontrol aura" around him. I imagine this "aura" activates only after the counterattack triggered but I can't do some testing on my own, since I don't own this card.

Oh, and when I'm already writing a thread about Anathar, I might aswell ask this:
Is it correct that Anathar's opponent deals damage to Anathar, but Anathar isn't dealing damage back to his opponent before taking control of them? I remember the first time I played against him in draft mode, they both dealt damage to each other and when your minion died to Anathar's attack, there was nothing left to take control of, obviously. How it works right now makes sense to me for first strike minions but usually it seems a bit wonky, given that the two attacks should happen at the same time and counterattack should execute afterwards. A good comparison would be Belgodass, he deals his damage before his counterattack (silence), unlike Anathar.

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I too would like more info about which attacks and effects trigger when. It seems as though two creatures in battle don't attack each other simultaneusly.

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> Is it correct that Anathar's opponent deals damage to Anathar, but Anathar isn't dealing damage back to his opponent before taking control of them?

That always bugged me and costed me a few matches. It seems unintutive that he doesn't deal damage back, as if the enemy always has first strike.

What was your second minion?

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there is also a bug that when the minion that Anathar control deals dame back to Anathar , he then lose control of this minion.

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Interesting, makes me wonder what if there were two Anathar attacking each other. Who will get who xd.

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the Beta is available right now so I took advantage of this and got myself Anathar there to test the bug.
It actually didn't appear there, so I guess the bug got fixed with this patch. Also the counterattack now worked as you'd expect: Anathar dealt his damage to his opponent, before taking control of them (or not, because he killed them). So that's great!

I still have to critize the fact, that this bug report got no official answer even after 3 weeks, no information that it got forwarded, tested or getting fixed this patch. I even wrote an Ankabox message to Dewit to ask him about this report and it is still marked as unread...

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