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Corrupted Dhreller dealing damage to "itself"

By Qriev#4374 March 03, 2018, 11:32:14

Hello, since a lot of people are (mistakenly) playing gobball decks now, and using the pumpkin gobball, I've had some weird interactions.

I'm currently playing an Eno deck, and using the "Catch-up" and "Corrupted Dhreller" combo to deal a lot of damage at once. Just now I played against a guy who had a Pumpkin Gobball on a row, and I used my combo. When I killed the Pumpkin Gobball with the first two damage (since I only had Corrupted Dhreller and Catch-Up in my hand, I will draw 5 cards which results in 5 damage), my Corrupte Dhreller got turned into a Pumpkin Gobball. There were still 3 damage left to be dealt at that time, and after it got turned into a Pumpkin Gobball, it started suffering the damage from the Corrupted Dhreller.

I am not sure if this is intentional or not. I assume that in the coding, when a minion gets transformed, the original minion gets 100% deleted from the game, and then is replaced with a new individual minion just placed in the same spot.

Also, a suggestion: you recently did the update that deals AOE damage in ONE go (I'm not sure if Dolly Sacrifice works like this too), but why not do so that the Corrupted Dhreller (and Dolly Sacrifice) deals all it's damage in ONE tick, instead of several ticks of 1 (or 2 dmg in Dolly's case)?

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This is a... weird bug, but I've forwarded it none the less; smile

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