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cra vs cra , bug or not?

By LitsDG#9123 February 22, 2018, 09:57:44

ello, recently i was playing as a sram, and stole cra ghost card from my opponent.
When this cra ghost almost reached oppenent's dofus, cra placed another cra right IN FRONT of ghost , and triggered attack with spell killing ghost without counter attack. how is this legit?

i'm asking because ranged crature supposed to get counter attack if it hits target IN FRONT of him. 

Edit: in front,- i mean face to face ,without any cells between

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That's not a bug. The Rapid Fire spell allows a Cra to attack once, but it doesn't trigger and entire combat, just the attack. It's a free shot at someone, basically. In the situation you have described, it seems to work as intended. 

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