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By Shapon4ik#1664 February 13, 2018, 17:19:41
Today I wanted to sell my cards (amalia and lillote), but I could not do it. The only card I sold was zaldior. why is that? Sorry for my English
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You have to differenciate between "reimbursing" a card, and "uncraft" a card. 

"Reimbursing" happens when a card has been nerfed or change radically after a patch. You can then use the reimburse option to destroy the card and receive their full value in dust. (A card that has been strictly buffed by the update will not be reimbrusable, since you're gaining from the change already.)

"Uncraft" is something you can do at any time with any cards except basic ones. It will give you only a fraction of the value of the card in dust, however. 

So in your particular case, Amalia has received an upgrade, while Lilotte has not changed at all: you won't get to reimburse them. Zaldior, however, was nerfed, and therefore can be reimbursed at full price. 
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