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Sinistro and Destroid Fake Dofus

By EisakuSan#3549 February 08, 2018, 07:59:41

Game version :
OS : Windows 7 64-bit Proffessional
2018-02-08 -> 07:34
Error log :
Image with problem :
The problem is with sinistro , it showing description of card on already destroid fake dofus and it should not happened . It is not a big problem but i think all bugs need to be repaired smile

P.S.(Sorry for my bad english btw.)
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Hello! Thanks for the feedback. 
Just one question before I report this to the team, just to make sure: was there a Sinistro on that destroyed fake Dofus, before it was destroyed? 

Score : 291

Yes it was

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