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Resistance minions with sacrifice (garde du corps) on them still take dmg

By vivinner#8793 January 20, 2018, 10:20:39
  • Game version ->
  • OS version of your computer Windows 10
  • Time and date of encounter 19-20/01
  • Description of the problem While playing with sacri in Draft, garde du corps minions were not fully protecting their allied target. Ex : Alpha Mulou vs Gros Nambourg targetted by Bould erdash, both bould erdash and gros Nambourg died.
  • What should happen I would have expected Bould erdash to die and Gros Nambourg to take 0 damage.
  • Reproduction rate Happened multiple times since yesterday

You can also see a 15 PA nun while it should be way lower after many minions died. It was already reported.
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Did you see the newest update? Minions with bodyguard can now only take as much damage as they have hp. Excess damage goes to the original target. 

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Eh, did not see that. Thanks !

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