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Infinite card progress loss upon refunding (still had another copy)

By Gimonfu#2879 January 18, 2018, 12:56:50
Game version -: 1.8.1..9617
OS version of your computer:  Windows 7 Premium Home
Time and date of encounter: 18.01.2018 12:50

Description of the problem : I had 2 Joris cards before this update, so when i could refund one for the full cost, due to the changes I did so.
I lost the card progress (200 exp) DESPITE still having one of the cards.
If this happens for all inifinite cards, recycling/refunding a copy is heavily punished, which should not be.
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Refund always picks your main copy but it gives you kamas for every 100 Exp your Infinite had. So after refund you can spend these kamas to raise your another copy to the same level.

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Ah, so i got fully re-imbursed for the exp it had (30 kamas for 100 exp)?
Did not notice that, thanks.

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Recycling feels like punishment... refunding is ok

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