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Chaferfu doesn' t work anymore

By Obe#5309 January 01, 2018, 15:42:44

Game version:
OS: Windows 8
Time of encounter:01/01/2018
Description: Chaferfu effect "Teleports 2 cells whenever an ally dies" doesn' t always work, sometimes He stays on his cell even if there are no other minions on his row.
What should happen: Chaferfu should teleport 2 cells forward whenever one of his allies dies, or stop the cell before if the cell it should teleport is occupied.
Reproduction: I tried triggering his effect by sacrificing allied minions with Moloch, Moribund or Sacrifice , but it never worked. It sometimes worked if the allied minion was killed by an enemy minion, but not if the allied minion was using his Bodyguard effect on Chaferfu and died taking damage in his place.

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Looks like an error in the English version of the card. The Chaferfu is only supposed to teleport forward when an allied Chafer is killed; the English text only says "an ally" without specifications. 

We'll see to correct this. 

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