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Quests not Completing

By AeroXZ#9832 December 25, 2017, 03:56:49

Not really sure what's up, but I have a "Win as Feca or Ecaflip" quest currently. I won once to an early surrender and figured maybe something changed and that doesn't count anymore.. played a full game through and still didn't complete.

Is there an issues with quests not completing, or maybe that specific quest? Also, is it just me, or since Feca's came out, there's been a lot of "Win with X or Y" quests?

Right-click the "broken image" icon and view it. It's not a glitch, per se. Apparently, the Feca+Enutrof quest shows Feca+Ecaflip in the image. Go figure.
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We're aware of the picture bug for the Feca/Ecaflip quest. We will fix it during our next patch. 

As for the non-completing quests, it would require more information. What game mode were you playing? Do you happen to have a screenshot or more details that could help us finding the source of the troubles? Thanks in advance. 

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