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Adjacent meaning different things for Nomekop Wodly

By PacXXXman#8378 November 01, 2017, 05:14:38

I first noticed this with the new patch, for example nomekop wodly before the change stated "Summons 3 black bow meows on adjacent cells" and would summon them behind infront or left and right to him" now with his new change "Summons 2 bow meows on adjacent cells" it only will summon bow meows to the left and right to him. Khan Karkass "summons 3 fans on adjacent cells" and all other adjacent text cards I've tested all seem to be the same results in that its every cell around them. Green larva "moves a minion with 3 or less attack to a random adjacent row" makes sense its only left or right cause it states row in the phrasing. So I'm not sure if Nomekop wodly was meant to only be able to summon to the left and right now and the phrasing is inconsistent or if this is just a bug 

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