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1. evli dandelion : when it get damged token doesn't act what it said. 2. when "tracker chafer" charge 2 cells it doesn't atack

By StickG#7778 October 26, 2017, 05:46:49

action bug

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I haven't tested the chafer, but if you mean initiate a ranged attack after charging, that's not how range works. The mechanic itself was modified so that ranged minions don't attack at range after charging. If you mean it won't attack minions at 1 range, then that's probably a bug.

As for the english evil dandelion, I think they forgot to update the text. It was nerfed, so now I think it just makes a 2/1/2 2 spaces away. It doesn't charge or do damage on death anymore.

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Same issue with evil dandelion the downy doesn't charge nor inflicts damages when it dies. Chaferfu just teleports when an other chafers dies , not any ally as it is written on the card.I already tried to report it but they just send me over an over the same automatic f#**# answer asking for a f#*# screenshot that is just useless and unecessary rrrrr!!!

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