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I really want to get involved in this game but the ui is too small on the iPhone 7 Plus!

By KinamoriKayKay#3723 September 19, 2017, 21:40:32

I posted before in the wrong section, so sorry for the repost.

Like the title said I really want to get invested in this game I already bought the starter pack and I planned to get more pack asap cause I love this kind of lane based strategy card game, but something is not right the ui is too small even for my iPhone 7 plus, the solution is simple and you had already ingame: I could zoom in battle but as soon as I release my fingers it wont stay zoomed. I know the Dev are very active on the forum so can I ask if you can let the screen zoomed even after I release the fingers ? it would be a true quality of life change  thanks.

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