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Erratically death behavior

By Gimonfu#2879 August 31, 2017, 20:59:37
Game version -: 1.4.2..8717
OS version of your computer:  Windows 7 Premium Home
Time and date of encounter: 31.8.2017 20:10

Description of the problem : Behavior upon death seems rather eratically.
Example at hand: my Dragon Pig killed his opponent in battle but died as well: Enemy had his little death animation, DP got exp, DP had his death animation
Few turns later: My Evangelyne killed her opponent (mutual destruction as well), but both had their death animation at the same time, and my card did not gain any exp.
I had the same happening vice versa as well, Eva(exp), DP(no exp), in other matches.

Lots of other effects are inconsistent as well, the push back from Pace Trese (sometimes dead enemies are pushed back before desintegration, sometimes not), Merkator's Counterattack:"deal damage to dofus" and several others, which  I do not recall precisely at the moment.

Some consistency there would be appreciated....

PS: It would also be nice if you could turn the "structure" here (how to make your feedback useful) into something template-ish we can easily copypaste for our reports.

PPS: Those "forum-security measures" are getting ridiculous, I posted something in "General Discussion" and NOW I am not allowed to make a bug post...... at least add a timer to that stupid "to avoid flood....create topic later"-message... I have way better things to do then bide my time and retry every 10 minutes...
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