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Rapid Fire and NecroDrheller.

By Seerica#4096 August 17, 2017, 21:41:59

If rapid fire is used on Cra's Letit Bloe, 5 cost 3/4 archer, he doesn't draw a card with his death blow ability. But if Rapid Fire is used on Cra's krosmic archer, 5 cost 3/5,  she returns rapid fire from discard.

Necrodrheller burns all used spells and minions that would go to discard, for example, it burns Cra's Homing Arrow before it returns to hand, even if it should've done so. But it doesn't affect Baron Sramdi, despite him having the same animation.

Are these interactions a bug, or a feature?

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It is a good thing to know, thanks for telling me.

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