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Strange Spell Counterattack Interaction

By Enceladon#6145 August 16, 2017, 23:32:45

Eventually it isn't a bug, but I don't understand it and it doesn't feel reasonable.

I had a "Cursed Rose" (Inflicts 1 damage on Minons that injure your Minions during a fight.) on the left start field (full life) and a Prespic (Counterattack: Inflicts 1 damage on Minions on adjected cells.) on the middle start field (full life). My Joris 2Star (Reduces enemy spell damage by 2.) was not near any minion on the right side. Then the enemie Cra casts the spell "Ridding Arrow" (Inflicts 3 damage on a Minion and 1 damage on an ememy Dofus (reduced to 1 damage on Minion and 0 damage to dofus) on the Prespic, which gets 1 damage, than the Cursed Rose get 1 damage (why?), than the Prespic 1 damage (why?) than the "Cursed Rose" gets 1 damage 3 times in a row (WTF?!).

There was no other card on the field, which could change something in the mechanics and it was the Cra turn before his minions walk.

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