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In a Draft..

By Tristhephin#5773 August 13, 2017, 03:33:08


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I buy the dammit noob pack for help the first week, and this and poor balance is what i have.
Everyone in the games of ranked have a dammit deck of exaust, that deck who makes you pick more cardas and lose them because your hand is full, Srams, Iops, Cras, Ecaflips, Xelor, everyone have the infinite who makes you pick 5 cards.
And when you put your post in the forum everyone says "You are angry and have a lot of rage because you lose".

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well,for the disconnectin i can understand you,for ranked,its true,if you hate some card,just farm some day and get that too,easy no?

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Well let me think with your way.. Umm.
¿And if i don´t farm that deck, i have to lose yes or yes?
¿Why i can´t make my deck with the cards i have, why need a "meta", the cards who the developers forget to nerf gonna make you win, and the rigth cards nerfed gonna make you lose?

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