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Dogwood Soldier Bug

By TeamVith#9608 August 03, 2017, 21:44:59


the Sadida card Dogwood Soldier is supposed to increase the damage dealt by your seeds to 2 AS LONG AS IT IS IN PLAY. As of right now the damage is permanently increased for the rest of the game.

My last opponent obviously abused this bug. His deck contained 3 Trees and quite a lot of card draw and additional seed generation and exactly 1 Dogwood Soldier (the match went into fatigue so I saw his whole deck). And seeing how he played with his seeds, he obviously knew that they will keep dealing 2 damage.

I wonder if such an abuse could and should be reported. Though I won't call out names in the forum for sure.

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Dogwood Soldier is indeed currently bugged, as his effects last until the end of the game. We'll see to fix this issue. 

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