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By Tormenta-Pls#3226 July 16, 2017, 01:19:15

Hello guys, i would like to report the best bug ever! there's no words to describe. i can only show to you.

Lovely ? Yep. it never go off.
R You sure?
Uhum. I am buddy.
but no problem i still can play the game! totally!
Its perfect FUNCTIONAL!
Well... sometimes the awesome bug doesn't appear.
However, i cannot have a easy life. so ALWAYS, I SAID ALWAYS AFTER THE AWESOME BUG DO NOT SHOW ITS *** FACE. I GOT THIS ERROR WHILE PLAYING ( 6 to 12 min  )

IT WILL NOT RECONNECT. INSTEAD THIS SCREEN SHOW UP... LOVELY.. ( the game then close and its all over. Back to the lovely circle. If you dare to tell me that this is a connection issue i will not be lovely with you! - i I reinstalledthis LOVELY game 3 times. I tried to play using steam, i clenned the config. and well you know, no fix, no play, no karma gain, no lovely days.)game Version : W10 Home 64* - ALWAYS Happens, at any time. -
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First Ankama intervention

That's worrying. I'm asking the team and I hope we'll get an answer for you soon. 

See message in context
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That's worrying. I'm asking the team and I hope we'll get an answer for you soon. 

Hi, I need further informations.
How do you start the game ? Using the updater ? 
I'd like to have access to your game logs. To find them :

from the updater, click on the Options button, then on the Krosmaga button. Then click on "Open the installation folder". In that folder, you should find a file name "krosmaga-log.txt". 
You can try copy pasting the content of the file on and send me the link

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Hey I also had this bug once.
The log in windows was merged into the background of the menu.
I restarted the game immediatly.

Not sure if it would show up in the krosmaga-log.txt
But just in case:


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