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Cheerful Peacemaker Bug

By Chikoo2#8528 July 16, 2017, 01:18:24

Hello, today I was in a ranked versus Eniripsa god game, I was using the god Zurkarak / Ecaflip (irrelevant to the bug).The problem is as follows, the opposing player plays the "Cheerful Peacemaker" card which says that when an ALLIED MINION is healed, this card deals a point of damage to enemy minions.

The point is as follows, the opponent heals 3 times in the turn, the first time to an allied Dofus, triggereating the ability of Peacemaker, the second time to an allied minion, again triggereating the skill of Peacemaker and for the third time to another Dofus Ally, which again triggers the ability of Peacemaker.

Is it okay to cure an Allied Dofus trigger ability?

Not to mention that I lost the ranked game because of this situation, if the ability is triggered just like curing a Dofus, please change the ability of the card, to be able to take the corresponding measures during the course of a game.Greetings.


PD: sorry for bad translation, my native language is Spanish.

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Well, either it's a bug, or we need to reconsider the text on the cards. Either way, thank you for your feedback! 

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