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Permanent New "Modified cards" +request for "New cards"

By Azhday#9870 July 04, 2017, 12:14:15

I've got 3 cards (Alibert *, All or Nothing, Grougaloragran *) in "Modified cards" category that are there permanently. No matter how many times I hover or click on them they still have yellow edge and that number 3 in red circle wont go away.
Also, can you make it so that when we open a new booster that you don't count cards we got that we already have max copies as new card.

P.S.: I know this is purely cosmetic and that you have more importatnt work to do on the other aspects of game. I apologise for being petty ^^'

P.P.S.: I have to brag a little - I wrote Grougaloragran on my first try, without looking how it's spelled (that episode when Yugo encounters that Osamodas guardian that pronaunced the dragon's name wrong made it's mark in my head ^^).

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