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Kwismas Queen Sound bugged

By Caesar441#9387 July 01, 2017, 10:19:44
  • Game version -> current,
  • OS version of your computer->Windows 7
  • Time and date of encounter, 1.7.17 8-10 am
  • Description of the problem -> The sound of the gifts, that Kwismas Queen spawns, doesnt stop and gets really annoying, even if you pick up all the gifts.
  • What should happen -> Pls make the Sound stop after its inital spawn of the gifts.
  • Reproduction rate -> did happen to me twice, in a draft run.
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We'll have a look at this, thank you for your feedback. 

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Dewit can you also look into Eternal Heroine from Xelor. I lost to a Xelor because of Eternal Heroine.
Eternal Heroine still makes my monsters cost 2 ap more even though I silenced it. I used Fear Flask but the effect still did not go away. The effect only went away after Eternal Heroine left the field (by going across to my side) Thus, the xelor won by destroying my dofus with his 20 ap spell a few turns later.

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