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Delay between end of turn and next persons turn

By Gimonfu#2879 June 08, 2017, 10:46:01
Game version:
OS: Windows 7 Home
Time: today 10:35

Bug: I almost had my oponnent beaten (only real dofus remaining, he appearantly had no good summons to block my minions), but suddenly the time between "end of turn" and the "next person's turn" became really long.
Example: I pressed "end of turn", buttong turns grey, but it took 30 seconds for oponnent to draw a card, fill up ap gauge and "start of turn"-dudum-sound. Same happened when his turn time ran out.
Did he simply log off and the game was waiting for him to relog?
His cards were still being highlighted, i always though that was a sign for him to be hovering/checking his cards.

For times likes this it would be REALLY helpful if you could actually "talk" to your opponent. Even if it is limited to once every minute or something to avoid spam, beside the mute button which could then be improved to "mute non-emote interaction".
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The delay is probably caused by your opponent. All animations and combats must be resolved before the turn can pass to them. If they have a slow computer/tablet device or are experiencing connection trouble, this can lengthen the delay between two turns. 

You can contact your opponent thorugh the friends/chat interface. Your current opponent is shown there; you can add them as friend and then discuss from there. 

Score : 622

If the whole fight would have been like this, i would not have made this report.
ONLY the last few turns ( after it was pretty much clear that he would loose) had that delay.

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