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Can't use app if I'm on wifi

By Whateley#1483 May 24, 2017, 23:32:33
Game Version:
OS version of your mobile: Samsung Galaxy S7, Android-version 7,
Time and date of encounter: It started yesterday when the new patch was released and I installed it, May 23. It happens all the time since then.
Description of the problem:  Whenever I'm connected to a wifi signal I can't start the game. I get a message saying that I need the newest version of the app, but the Play Store just gives me the option to play the game or uninstall the app - I seem to be up-to-date according to the store.
However, if I'm disconnected from the wifi and using a 3G or 4G connection there's no problem - the app starts as normal, I can play battles, etc.
I have tried using two different wifi signals (from two different routers). I've tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. I've tried clearing the cache and data when the app is installed. It's always the same: since the update it won't work if I'm using wifi.
And btw there's no problem with any other app/program when I'm connected to the wifi and there hasn't been any changes to the wifi. 
What should happen:
I should be able to use the app if I'm connected to wifi.
Reproduction rate: This happens every time I start the app while connected to a wifi signal.
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