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Refund maximum, reset after relogg intended?

By TeamVith#9608 May 24, 2017, 00:20:15

the changelog says, that a refund is only availabe up to 3 times for a normal card or up to 1 time for Krosmic/Infinites.

After I've refunded a card 3 times, the button actually changed from Refund to Recycle and the dust value decreased. Nothing special there.
The cards also didn't appear anymore in the "Modified cards" section of the collection.

But after I relogged, all the cards I recrafted (=crafted after the refund) reappeared there and I could refund them again. Is this a bug?

Example: I own Klor Ofil 3x, I refund her 3x then I recraft her 3x and the button changes to Recycle from Refund. Then I relogg and it says Refund again.

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We had a few server troubles yesterday, which may have recredited your cards after uncrafting them. However, you didn't lose anything in the process. You can now refund them for good. smile
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