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Odd Visual Glitch With Cards Played By Opponent

By Fracastador#3166 May 23, 2017, 19:20:26

I was playing against a Sacrier opponent in unranked today, and I noticed that occasionally when my opponent played a minion, the card would suddenly "jump" out into a different position for a fraction of a second before settling into the correct location. The image that shifted was the image of the card in hand, rather than the image of the minion played.
This had no affect on the gameplay, and it happened too fast and too infrequently  (not every minion, just a few of them) for me to get a picture of it, but I felt I should let someone know it was happening. I did not notice any commonalities between the minions that caused this effect.
Maybe someone else can provide more information if it is happening to other people as well.

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Weird... It must be some kind of visual glitch, but it could depend on so many factors. If it happened to you again, could you give us the error logs in your installation folder right after it? Maybe it's linked to a specific interaction with your graphics card. 

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