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Ankama support very frustrating

By Bubbalingo277#9694 May 03, 2017, 23:45:56

All I wanted was to unlink my steam account. Went to send a request, had to create a whole other "support" account just to send it. That wasn't a big issue but kind of annoying. After making my account and sending the request I get no reply.

So I send a second request and after a day I get a reply. Thing is I can't look at the reply because I can't get into my support account. I know both the email and password are correct so it should work. Still since I have no other option I go to resest my support password, but I have to sign in to reset my password.......

I have to sign into an account that I don't know the password to, to resest my password? It makes no sense. So now I can't even see the reply because of an Ankama issue nothing here is my fault so it's just really annoying. 

Edit- After like 6 tries the password finally reset. Still don't know what the problem was just hope it doesn't happen everytime I send a support request

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