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Last second casting

By Gruntski#1795 April 29, 2017, 08:13:22
I'm on mobile and don't have access to a laptop. It isn't giving me an option to post both said screenshots. I've got 2 last second casts that do not resolve and just hover over the cell. I lose a card and an appearance effect.

Sad panda.
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When you say "last second", do you mean you cast the spell when the timer was almost finished? Or was it just a specific spell that was locked up on the board? 
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Hi there, IOS version, got exactly same bugs here. The situation is like you described above, and that card just stuck there (lost that card). It's really annoying and a bummer! 
The problem is almost same with another reported bug (12/2016: I tried to summon a Catar. After scrolling over potential positions i choosed one, but the card just got semi-transparent and stuck on the screen for the rest of the fight. Trying to end my turn revealed that i seemingly lost my connection for a moment. The gap in my hand remained and later on it wasn't possible to select or play the rightmost card.)

Please have a check and fix it. Thanks for your work.
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