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A lot of bugs dude

By Tristhephin#5773 April 25, 2017, 23:22:03

My summons hits the enemies, but only i die or only i get hurt, really, nobody with initiative, but only i get hurts, sometimes my silence dont works on the enemies, or when i have a summon with initiative and other monster with initiative comes to hit me, they kill me, and dont get hurt.
¿Why? If my summon have initiative too, initiative is the counter of initiative ¿nope? Because, if my summon have 3 of AT, and the life of the enemy have 3 AT, the initiative gona work ok, but when i have that and the enemy have that too, if he have 4 AT and 3 of life, he attack first, ¿why my summon can´t attack, if their two have initiative?.. A lot of bugs.

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