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A lot of bugs

By Tristhephin#5773 April 25, 2017, 21:48:09

My summons hits the enemies, but only i die or only i get hurt, really, nobody with initiative, but only i get hurts, sometimes my silence dont works on the enemies, or when i have a summon with initiative and other monster with initiative comes to hit me, they kill me, and dont get hurt.
¿Why? If my summon have initiative too, initiative is the counter of initiative ¿nope? Because, if my summon have 3 of AT, and the life of the enemy have 3 AT, the initiative gona work ok, but when i have that and the enemy have that too, if he have 4 AT and 3 of life, he attack first, ¿why my summon can´t attack, if their two have initiative?.. A lot of bugs.

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Replying to Tristhephin

Yes, but it definitely shouldn't be highlighted as a playable card during your opponent's turn. I will report this to the team. 

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I don't quite understand what your problem is... Fighting between two Initiative characters, yes, but what about the silence? 

Could you show us a screenshot when this kind of problems appear? One from the board and one from the timeline, if possible. If there is a trouble between this kind of interactions, we could see it there and try to correct it. Thanks in advance. 

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Maybe it's just the animation of the attack which is executed first, like when an Infinite Card kills a regular minion. First, comes the +XP animation and after that, the damage.

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I will try take a screenshot of it, here is other bug:

When is not my shift, i can use this cardwith the Sadida , but when i use it, the game tells is not your turn, but i can move her to use.
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Its not a bug, you can drag a card whenever you want, but the game stops you if you can't play it. If you had 2 ap left and it was you opponent's turn, Glai could be dragged too.

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