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Shrine and recycling bug

By WilliamFabricio#4857 April 21, 2017, 05:41:54

Whenever I have a new Booster and go to open them it looks like the boosters weren´t even opened, the X booster still appears at the left side where you drag them to the shrine. even the number of boosters of the same type is still there. and when I recycle to get Dofus dust the number is still the same no matter how many time I press recycle it does the same effect thingy but the dust is still the same.

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We're aware of the recycling bug. Apparently, the button that commands recycling doesn't work in the deck creation interface, but works in the collection as a whole. We will fix this in the next patch. 

As for the boosters, we're looking into the issue, but any help you can bring (on how, why and when it happened) is welcome. 

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