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Can't Connect Over Cellular

By Gezus-Kryst#2539 April 20, 2017, 19:04:36
I am able to log in over wifi, but I'm unable to log in over cellular data. My wife can still access the game over data, so the problem is only with me.

I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled. I have restored my phone.

I have unlimited data and other games work over the cellular network.

I have T-Mobile and I am running iOS 10.3.1
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I guess no one, including the support, has come across this problem? I still can't connect over cellular, but my wife can. She hasn't updated her phone yet. 
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I have this exact same problem. I also have T-Mobile.
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I also cannot connect through cellular using T-Mobile with unlimited data. Just now discovering the world of DOFUS, WAKFU and Krosmaga. Was really amped to play this. Now feeling, meh.
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