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Counterattack on death

By Zuranthus#9547 April 15, 2017, 14:16:29
  • Game version ->
  • OS version of your computer -> Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Time and date of encounter -> Noticed it yesterday (14.4.2017.)
  • Description of the problem -> Counterattack effect sometimes does not trigger if the minion with the Counterattack dies in combat with another minion. Noticed it with Prespic, Mummy, Sacrificial Doll (opponent's minion took 1 dmg from the explosion, then healed 1 HP right after combat).
  • What should happen -> Counterattack effect should trigger, even if the minion dies.
  • Reproduction rate -> The bug occurs only when the minion with Counterattack dies, and not in all cases, mostly when he dies in combat with another minion.
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I think i had that bug too with "Merkator" a few times.
He should inflict damage on enemy Dofus as "Counterattack", but it sometimes fails if he dies.

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