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[Duplicate Post] Launching/Closing the game always Loads/Deletes files

By AstralArtisan#3306 April 04, 2017, 13:18:38

I didn't realize user Rezilia had already posted about this issue. Much better wording of the same problem on their thread.

I have been having this problem whenever I open and close the game. This has been going on ever since I installed, and has persisted through updates/patches/maintenance/new builds:

 As soon as I start up the game, a little splash loader pops up and "Loads" something. Not sure what it's doing but I didn't think much of it at first.

 Then a popup opens, asking me to allow a .exe to make changes to my computer. I say yes, fine.

 The little splash loader pops up again and says "Launching" but sometimes it will become inactive and windows will prompt me to either teminate the program or wait for it to respond. If I wait for it to respond, it eventually finishes launching, and the patcher opens up.

 The first couple times this happened I thought it was downloading some new content, but according to the patcher, "Everything is  up to date"

 This whole process can take up to 10 minutes and is very tedious to go through every time I open the game to play.

 Finally, when I close the game another windows pops up, very briefly so I had to take a screenshot to even have time to read it. It says "Transition is shutting down...  /  Unloading zapp_installer_controller"
...Did it just uninstall everything it loaded at the very beginning?? I have no idea.

I made a folder of screenshots of the issues I'm having: Krosmaga Launch Bug

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I don't use the launcher, it always takes too long time and it's only really required when there's an update to the game.

You can start the game directly instead, its executable is located at $KROSMAGA_DIR$/game/krosmaga.exe (the launcher is $KROSMAGA_DIR$/krosmaga.exe, don't mix those up, they are different although they have the same name). This way the game starts immediately without checking for updates/trying to reinstall/redownload some files. Ofc when there is an update, you can use the launcher to install it.

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