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Typo: PayPal Payment Page + Missing text

By Eggo#2407 October 14, 2016, 08:32:56


  • Title -> Typo: Paypal Payment attempt.
  • Game version ->
  • OS version of your computer: Win10; Google Chrome & Firefox
  • Time and date of encounter: Oct 14, 2016  00:20 MST
  • Description of the problem -> Attempting to make a Paypal payment from Canada. The following comes up:
  • [*]"For security reasons, your Paypal payment ca not be accepted.
    Please, choose another payment method.
    For more information on this matter, you can contact our Customer support : "
  • What should happen -> I believe it should read "For security reasons, your Paypal payment can not be accepted."
  • Reproduction rate -> Attempt to make a purchase with PayPal, should take you the site below explaining PayPal is not currently accepted:
  • I believe there should also be some text or something in that pink box to the right in the My Balance window.

You guys need spellcheck tongue
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