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Deleted Card

By Rocket-Relm#3649 April 03, 2017, 01:07:56

I figured I'd put this in the bugs section as it's own thread, where it may be more appropriate. The card "Magmog Le Boufrog" is missing from the game entirely after the most recent patch. Not craftable, not in collection, or anywhere. It's not in the patch notes anywhere as being removed from the card collection.

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Magmog, as well as the other cards that could not be earned or crafted by players in any way (usually tagged "tournament cards"), were removed from the collection with the latest patch. This change was made on purpose, so not really a bug. 

However, we plan to make (some of) them return for future expansions of the game. I'm sure Magmog won't be lost for all eternity. wink

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Oh, it was uncraftable? I remember it saying I could craft it when I looked at it, just that I needed 600 dust. I know that the only reason I even noticed in the first place was that I intended to get it after seeing the new patch and confirming I'd still want it in a deck. That must have been unclear, but thanks though.

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