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Before reporting a bug…

By [Dewit] - COMMUNITY MANAGER - October 11, 2016, 15:14:20
Dear beta-testers,
Whether you’re from the first wave of alpha-testers, beginning your journey on October 11th or joining us during a later wave of players, we’re counting on you!

You’re going to enter the legend, or at least, our own little legend. 

We need you to give us relevant feedback about any trouble you may find during play, be it during install, play, while browsing the menus, etc. The more your comments will be focused and precise, the more we can use them to finely tune the game and release it in a proper state.


Before we begin:

The BUGS section of our forums has been split in different subcategories to better differentiate where the problems lies:
Before describing your issue, be sure that you’re posting in the right sub-section of the forums!

We’ve also set up a Game Balance section, if you want to suggest some changes on the cards. Let’s not mix up technical issues and discussions about the game, it will be easier for everyone.


How to make your feedback useful?

As strange as it may seem, you have to ban the words “bugs” or “erro” from your reports. Usually, those words are too broad to be useful, and are used willy-nilly nowadays. You should try to target and describe your problem in the most precise way possible.

Here’s how a good bug report is structured: 
  • Title -> summarize your problem in a few words, this will help us discuss the problem in a single place rather than scattered around.
  • Game version -> you may find it at the bottom left of the screen during initial loading, or at any moment in the Options menu.
  • OS version of your computer
  • Time and date of encounter
  • Description of the problem -> give here as many details as possible. If you know a certain way to replicate the problem each time, please tell us so.
  • What should happen -> why is this a bug for you? How did you expect the game to behave?
  • Reproduction rate -> do you run into this problem every time when you do a certain action? Or less frequently than that?

If you’re able, don’t hesitate to share a screenshot or a video of the issue.


To report a bug, proceed as such:

  1. Identify the type of problem – and correlate it with one of the forum’s category.
  2. Search the forum if a similar problem has been reported before.[list=a]
  3. If it’s the case, please complete it with your own experience.
  4. If it’s not the case, create a new one.
  • Write your report according to the guidelines given above.
    Thanks to all of you for your help!
    First Ankama intervention

    Replying to Queiron

    Send it to . Thank you for your help. smile
    See message in context
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    My game crashed and created a folder I have to send you. Where do I send it?
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    My game crashed and created a folder I have to send you. Where do I send it?
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    Send it to . Thank you for your help. smile
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    How about you give us a version of that template we can ACTUALLY copy?
    That would help.
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