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Necrominicon decks - Especially Eni

By WannaDrinks#8647 November 03, 2022, 19:06:01
Hello does someone have any Eni necro deck? Im looking to something to start own experiments ^^
Ill tryied few variants from scratch, but all of them seems terrible ~ struggling from death hands etc. Does anyone have something, which seems a little working? Thanks!
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Ouh, sounds like a really cool idea huh I would imagine you'd want to run a few staples, but other specific crafts could maybe make it work?
I'm still relatively new, and so I'm not much help (yet!) but would love an update to see if you go through with this idea! wub
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Ok, I didnt check this almost dead forum for some time. . . 
I tried to make some Eni deck with Necro as main win condition and even with testing different card sets it was too clumsy. . . The midrange eniripsa decks (like fat bodies and the healing combo ones) with 3x 4mana and 2x 6 mana necro card are perforing better. You have Necro as time to time second winning condition, which is fun, but you are no rellying on it. The healing combo eni is good against aggro, the fat bodies one is better overall.

I tried sadida and sram decks with Necro as main winning condition, sadida was better, almost playable, but still weaker than regular one.
I was defeated by Necro combo in Cra (didnt expect, have good removals to protect Necro) and Sacrier, so these two seems viable.

I want to try Necro feca, but I think It will be noncompetetive, more like meme.
Enutrof seems semiviable and I met Xelor, who tried Necro deck, but it wasnt shining. . . 

Dont have any other idea for the topid now ~.~)
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necro feca not recommended coz feca is primarily a aggrssive playstyle more on "rallying" abilities try to abuse it as much as possible and use a 1 to 3 AP monsters and have 3x new wave for easy swarm

sadida necro is a good option and sram necro uhhmmm 50/50 chance so yeah sadida necro is the best choice for me
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3x psychosis flask- rare
3x incision- common
1x zaldior- krosmic
3x corrupted healer- uncommon
3x equality- rare (good with echo*** effect which is as long she is on the field reduces all monsters the opponent's by 1)
3x other eniripsa necro card ( i forgot what is the name sorry......)- rare
1x seduction- krosmic
1x transformatosis- krosmic
bakara***- infinite
marline ***- infinite
1x jahash ** or ***
1x echo***- infinite
1x black widow- krosmic
1x miranda
1x little ogrest***- infinite
1x royal drheller

the rest is yours to place but those are my duggested cards it made me reach rank 20 against ridiculous decks (mill,aggro,sniper,rush,mind control,coin toss,and reverse heal deck)
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