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Looking for advice on my Sacrier deck

By Tricia#7831 July 31, 2022, 20:52:43
I'm still kind of new to the game, and I'm working mostly on Sacrier.  Any advice would be appreciated on how to improve my setup.  I can't figure out how to do the nice deck displays I see in other posts but I'll do my best here.


Nomarrow Transplant x3
Blood Pact x1
Fumfamfim x1
Tex Alyckn x3
Raku Kapi x1
Sacrier's Foot x3
Sanguine Armor x1
Silas the Solitary x3
Tattooed Blood x3
Edass the Killjoy x3
Gerbean x1
Bould Erdash x1

Sharkie x1
Black Tofu x1
Glai x2
Grinch x2
Male Tofu x1
Red Piwi x3
Bellaphone x1
Golden Young Wild Boar x1
Perceheart x1
Wobot 02 x3


Atcham **
Justice **
Goultard **
Katar ***
Dragon Pig ***
0 0
Reactions 1
Score : 37
Im still new as well and I played almost no game with sacrier, but:

Strong viable decklists:

Budget variant:

In the newbie ranks I was crushed by Sacrier variants, which used boowolf "evolve" and bodyguard mechanics to let the wolves shine. I also played against control variant of "Necrominicon" - spell that evolves from the necro cards after revealing your dofuses. 

Im not sure, if I helped, but didnt like you didnt get any response. I like the game and dont want it to die, altough it isnt in best shape right now ~.~)

*Edit: fixed some typos
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