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Mill decks Sadida and Sram (and gameplay from Veteran rank summer 2021)

By S48GSII#6871 September 24, 2021, 19:11:08
Played this decks for last few months, they work(I get to Veteran every month on that), but it not too simple.

Video with gameplay moments with mill decks

Sram slow deck - its very default mill deck, look video first game episode there explain its win-condition.

Sram necro - little bit faster with second win-condition Necro, works against other mill decks or as second win-condition in bad match.
(remember you can use Arachnee on 4AP Necro card to return it and cast again to speedup building Necro 5Ap card)

Sadida deck - cast Vampyro at least twice, and then just use Psycopath and return it to your hand, Youtube video one full game vs top2 season player
(and remember Miranda + Bush is very strong win-condition or counter)

(every deck is Mill)

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can u try enu mill?
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