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Returning player need deck advice.

By Boilermaker#7702 May 08, 2020, 19:33:34

Hello I played back in 2017 for a few months and completed all the dungeons, messed around in unranked for almost 100 games, with about a 50/50 win ratio. I've recently returned and got to rank 19 with 34 win 11 lose. Unranked is harder then ranked at this range anyway.

 Mainly looking for guidance with my deck. I have only played CRA, and have most of it's deck. Many random infinites from throwing down a bit of $$ years ago when the exp system was in place and blue larva gave 2 card draw(OP)

29 Minion - 16 Spells - 4 Krosmics - 5 Infinites
Cara Byne x 3
Homing Arrow x 1
Quiver x 3
Robin Falsehood x 2
Burning Arrow x 3
Lebolas x 2
Piercing Arrow x 2
Champion Skewerer x 2
Cra Ghost x 3
Explosive Arrow x 3
Destructive Arrow x 1
Grinch x 3
Riddling Arrow x 3
Stubbyob Bruiser x 3
Pet drheller x 3
Golden Young Wild Boar x 1
Flopin x 1
Decepticod x 1
Bakara(3) x 1
Classy Maskemane(2) x 1
Khan Karkass(3) x 1
Marline(3) x 1
Black Crow(3) x 1

 I usually try to counter other players move, and wear down/takedown dofus with spells/curse. Sometimes I will support a cra ghost with one or two spells and get him to the dofus. I realise draw is OP and the more the better.

 It's hard to find english deck help. Most are years old before updates. Krosbuilder gone. Is this game still worth putting $$ into? Thanks for the advice.

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Sad to see no one answering you sad

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Thanks mate. This game still is really fun and I play a few every day to get rewards. I updated the build if any newbs need to copy. It works pretty well. I fear xelor and feca mostly they're tough to beat. But Iop and the rest are no worries.

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Cool smile I'm still really new and figuring out strategies and cards, I'll try to use this deck or something similar and see if I can work with then, maybe I can even discuss it with you later.

As for you question about $$, I personally don't think it's worth it, as they removed the infinite cards system, and specially because we are now in a radio silence and don't know where the game is heading.

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Hello, do u need sugestions yet?

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