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Sacrier Deck and infinites and packs

By FHorusheresy#6357 February 25, 2020, 23:19:19

Well i was wondering if there is any good sacrier deck plus which infinites are good to keep? plus which packs as a new player i shall focus to take?

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Hmm.. I should try doing a tier list of infinite someday. Until you have 5 infinites you can keep them all. As a new players I'd say 5 gold pack to have 5 distinct infinites is a good idea (high probability that those are nice). Then Bronze pack to get a maximum of cards. Then Silver to try to obtains the good Krosmic one very important. And then it'll depends on what you have missing / which deck you want to play. As a new player i'd advise you to look into this thread. I've made a deck for each god with no infinite or krosmic cards and same base neutral so you can quite easily switch to one or another to try them out.


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