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Sacrier Rank 18

By Alundrash February 04, 2020, 05:26:29

Clinging to life         x1
Blood punch             x3
Sacriers foot             x2
Sanguine armour             x3
Silas the solitary         x2
Tattoed blood             x1
Blunt blade             x1
Disciple of agony         x3
Edass the killjoy         x3
Clot the crapulous         x2
Gerbean             x2
Tears of blood             x2
Bloody champion         x2
Bould Erdash             x3
Light speed             x1
Glai                 x3
Grinch                 x2
Noxine                 x1
Mishell ***             x1
Az                 x1
Grambo chief             x1
Prince Lackbeard         x1
Bakara ***             x1
Bump ***             x1
Cowardly Maskemane *         x1
Goultard the barbarian ***     x1

I play slow and steady, and wait for my opponent to make mistakes.

Glai is for control vs. black widow SadisaXSram

Blood punch Bould Erdash attached to Disciple of agony.

Az hides behind Edass

BakaraXLightspeedXBlood punch for 6/4

Goultard, Late game chargeXGlai

Noxine Is cheeky snatch

what am i missing for rank 30?

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Score : 1248

Moribund x3 and Punishment x1 and looks like you're ready to go. I'll give you a sacrier list tonight with most of your deck cards and a couple of improvement.

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Score : 377

how are you getting on? Im doing really badly this season lol.

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Score : 1248

Ups sorry.  Too many things to think about I forgot you. Do give me a list of the Infinites and Neutral+Sacrier krosmic you possess, I'll come up with something tonight (in ~10h).

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