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Doubt about the new Infinites System

By Valiant89#1325 July 04, 2018, 15:59:12
Guys, I'm new, and I've a problem.

With the new rules about Infinites, I've a lo of * cards without a chance of evolution.
Yes, some card like toxine or Kerub have still a purpose... but for card like Eva, Dally, Katar, Remington, Goultard * and **...
What is for the best?

It there is some error,  sorry f or my poor english.
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You will have to get the 2 and 3 star cards in packs or craft them yourself now.
So no need to worry, in fact it is much easier now to get 2 and 3 star infinites than it was before the update.
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Yes, I understand that.

What i was asking is: what I've to do with cards like Dally or Eva 1 star? Keep them? Shard them for better one? That's the doubt. 
Plus, I can't find  and site with a recent tierlist of the cards or some deck guide, so i can help  myself with the decisione.
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Hold them for at least a little while. The devs mentioned modifying some of the infinites. It's possible that they'll buff some 1-stars.
The only I've heard mentioned by name is Lou 1, but ya never know.
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I think the one down side about the new system is that it will make pay to win more prominent which is good and bad. Good for the game as a whole, games like this need an income to release new content. But bad for players who can't afford or don't want to spend money on the game to succeed. You just have to farm gold through quests and wins. 
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eh, no, this new system gives more dust , and you can get new  infinites and krosmics you need without having to spend more than a thousand kamas leveling them up. This makes high level decks more affordable. 
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