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Trap sram

By Antimage May 31, 2018, 17:34:16

So, any ideas about trap sram we can make now?

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I've been playing around with him a bit since I came back to the game a few days ago, with little success. (About 50%ish wins.) Work in progress.
Curse control of sort seems important because you'll need the extra dofus damage to actually finish off the opponent. I've been using badgoat due to not having enough 3-ap cards (that don't require graveyard resources) in my deck list, but he's probably not the best choice there.

I'm not sure about the unsettling trap. I don't know if full on mill is viable with functioning trap support, and I'm not sure unsettling trap is useful outside of pretty heavy mill investment. It's possible that mill/trap/necro control hybrid might actually be the way to go. I've always been too attached to Sram's self-milling strategies to make a real enemy-mill deck, so I'm no expert with that.

You have to be careful with funeral initiate, though, since playing it means you're getting between 2 and 4 new cards into your hand at once. I find I often end up having to choose to lose some cards off of her play in order to actually use her. Make sure you know the order in which the cards get put into your hand! (I don't actually remember, but I think it's: prism, then trap, then orbs)

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Playing trap combined with all other mill cards I can get my hands on is what Ive been most succesfull with.
I felt like playing a very general Sram with an explosive trap or two in there would be good as a general crowd control spell, but I've had little succes with playing trap cards in anything but a trap focused deck. Mainly because while the spells seem good for thier AP cost by themselves, unless you can punish your opponent for not playing the activated trap, then taking 1 dmg on all dofus is rarely a real threat.

And even in a trap focused deck it seems like Sram could still use another card for  trap synergy before traps-focus could seem viable on thier own.
Like a non-krosmic minion that makes the activated traps cost just slightly more for the opponent to play, just 1 or 2 AP, maybe without that ability stacking, depending on what other stats and abilities that minion would have for its AP cost of course.
Or even better, having the minion gain a huge buff if an activated trap is not played by the opponent, or some other clever way of interacting with traps not being played, or maybe even some interacting when traps ARE played. I still see a lot of opportunity in the trap mechanic, without being forced to use it in combination with Mill and Necro before seeing consistent wins.

TLDR: Trap Sram only really works with Mill and Necro in my experience. But it works decently now, unlike before the update.

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i will tell you some of the most important cards in my sram trap deck:
all traps 3 times each
second wind 3 times(so you can recicle the traps)
eternal rest(this card is a little optional,but it can come in handy,since you will be able to play a lots of cards at once.)
sanction(you can 1 of bring their dofus to one point and let the traps do the rest)

neutral minions:
royale drheller(you need to recycle traps and if possible treacherous heroine)
pet drheller 3 times(recycling is important)
drhellerstein at least 2 times(cards that fill your opponents hand make it harder for your opponent to activate the activated unsettlng card,also his attack and health are good.)
at least 1 elit young drheller
master joris level 3
1-2 wall minions(they can keep treacherous heroine to your side instead of letting her run away)

from srams the most important ones are:
treacherous hero
funereal initiate 3 times
sufod at least 2 times(i higly reccomend 3)
and minions that teleport.

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